World Suicide Prevention Day

I feel like killing time,

To transform myself into a mime

For actions to be louder than words,

Again, hoping it sends a message

For truly I am a mess at this age;

To kill time, I have to kill myself,

Free me of my struggles and mind

The anxiety, loneliness and depression,

If I am to go, would anyone mind?

Hello family, I reached to you first,

‘An emotional teenager’ was your best–

Now suicide calls and I cannot stall,

The phone keeps ringing like my mind does.

The excessive euphoria and extreme sadness,

From twitched sanity to my madness,

My rehab was loneliness, suicide cared.

What is my fragile mind to do now,

As my friends downplay my sharing

Of emotional breakdown into exaggeration:

I thought sharing was caring, or?

So I cared about me, I only needed help.

My mental suffering was blatant

But my teachers called it drama,

Was I a child acting or acting out,

Or was my navigation moved to suicide’s route?

My sunday school teacher noticed,

She told my parents was what she did.

Was she too busy to be of help?

Was I a burden she could not bear?

Why not show me the bible and scriptures,

My burden was one Jesus could bear.

And now I am gone.

I tried to hold on but suicide convinced me:

“Let go I would catch you”.

I let go and it did, unlike any of you.


61 thoughts on “World Suicide Prevention Day”

    1. Sharing creates awareness; my way of helping. And yes, so many lives are being lost to suicide daily. Very disheartening. We are all suppose to help decrease the numbers. By lending a listening ear, being observant of sudden withdrawal and emotional offset of our loved ones, engaging them in healthy conversations and activities; it might seem small but it goes a long way.
      Really appreciate your thoughts, Olivia 💚

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    1. Thank you for reading.
      Truly it has gained importance. I only advocate this importance speaks to more people so that we all lookout for each other and gradually shift the death scale of suicide.
      Suicidal thoughts should never come to our mind but it does. And for people it’s when they hit rock bottom or feel utterly overwhelmed. People like that need to seek help and people around must be willing to help.

      Take care too❤💚

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  1. Wow Joel,
    that was truly beautifully written from the heart and speaks to the essence of the problem. If everyone had someone to listen to it would sure help a lot in validating their feelings and finding another way. There is so much going on this month with the fires and 9/11 whew.. Thanks for caring and reaching out. You inspire! ❤️Cindy

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    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation, Cindy.
      Issues of suicide are very dear to me so writing from the heart was inevitable. And yes, if we all get involved in being present and available for those who need us and reach out to us with their feelings of unrest it would do so much good.
      My prayers go out to you and those around where the fires are spreading. With sincerest condolences to those who grieve per the loss of a loved one to 9/11.

      Let’s all come together to care, inspire, and reach out! Much love 💚❤

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      1. You are so welcome Joel. Well, it definitely shows how important it is in your writing and I wasn’t sure how close, whether it be yourself or a friend. No need to answer that but I do feel very deeply for the cause as well. It’s vital to reach out. Thanks Joel, my heart goes ot to them too.

        Amen to that… Come together please people🥰😍😘

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad I shared. It was only right and important I added that info too; it helps project the message. Indeed we all need to do our part, however possible we can help because you may not know whose life you might be saving 💚

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  2. Amazing write up you’ve got here. Suicide prevention is a very important topic and I’m so glad you highlighted it here. And the amazing thing is you nailed it beautifully. I’m new on your blog and I’m so glad I just discovered you and the blog. Looking forward to more blogposts.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment and appreciation Rafael. Yes it’s a topic and issue requiring unending awareness so I’m glad I could play my part with this write up. Hopefully to touch others to do same.

      Glad to be acquainted with you. Hope you like what you read here💚

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      1. Yes I love what I’m reading on your blog. I’m all new to this blogging thing and your blog is the perfect launch pad for me to learn more even though we’re in different niches. I’m still learning a ton from your blog.

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        1. Well I’m pleased to hear that.
          WordPress is a very supportive blogging community so you’ll get on well soon enough. Glad my blog is providing some insight. I’m currently in between niches as I think trying new styles shows more creativity and serves as a learning process.

          Glad to have you on the ride, Rafael 💚


          1. I’m glad to be on this ride too and I hope I get to find my community on WordPress just like you have too. By the way my niche is primarily Fashion and Christian lifestyle posts, I might expand that going forward but for now let’s see where this journey takes us.

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  3. Very powerful. Having these thoughts is no joke, some can brush it off but unfortunately for some it became their reality. Let’s all check on our loved ones, let’s all be kind to each other.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Joana.
      The reality of it all is what scares me. How some thoughts can transform into its peak of a suicide is so sorrowful. Indeed let’s all do our best to check on loved ones, on everyone, to see the signs and not ignore them so that we can help alleviate the pain.

      Thanks for showing concern💚

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    1. It’s only one way I can be of help. Happy to be spreading awareness.
      You flatter me Fiona. Thank you
      Let’s all do our best in helping to prevent suicide💚❤

      I’m most grateful for the nomination. Thank you so much. For now I’m not participating in any awards but truly I appreciate the nomination😊

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    1. Thank you for reading. And thank you for appreciation and compliment💚
      We should all carry the message, spread awareness in our own way, and check up on loved ones and everyone who might need help in order to help prevent suicide.

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  4. A thought provoking post Joel!! This is something our generation need to look after. Being aware and keep awaring people around. Helping those who really needs. Showing your love and gratitude to everyone.

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    1. Thank you so much Anushka!
      I’m really glad you embraced the essence of this message. I only hope others do too, and partake in this role of helping those who need it and show more love. Nobody deserves to reach a suicidal point
      Thanks for sharing your valued thoughts friend💚

      Hope you’re doing good?


    1. Very relevant. It’s high time the awareness is taken seriously and this poem was my way of helping in that aspect.
      Thank you for seeing the central idea and mindset portrayed. Thanks for the compliment. Glad you stopped by!💚💚

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  5. I think that you have to change your whole depressing life philosophy. You have received the most amazing gift – your life. Look how wonderful the planet Earth is, the beauty of nature, the places you can see everywhere if you walk, or see nature documentaries. There are children and adults dying of diseases, who want to live, desperately, and you are taking of throwing your life away? Don’t you want to achieve something for others and ‘leave your footprint in the sand of time’? Have a look at my post ‘I Wonder’ in my blog naturetails’blog


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    1. Oh no Joanna you misunderstood the post. I am not suicidal. I’ve never been. The poem I wrote was to highlight the various aspects of what people who get to a suicidal point go through. How they may feel, and the people around who may not see the signs early, ignore them or tag them as overreacting or exaggerating. It was to point out how we are all involved in the happenings of suicide, whether consciously or not. And to help open our eyes and prompt us on the awareness we may seem blind to, just so we do better at caring and looking out for others, be available for those who need help, and recommend them to the appropriate persons who can be of postive help to them.

      I know there are people dying of diseases who want to live. I’m not ignorant of that fact. But 10th September wasworld suicide prevention day so this was my drive to create awareness on that topic alone on that day with my post. Even gave stats to show the reality and seriousness, and points on how we can do better per the pictures I added. People are suffering from suicidal thoughts and they need help. It’s high time we stop undermining that. That’s all I’m saying. Life is an amazing gift like you said. So let’s help others to prevent them from taking away theirs.

      Much love, Joel💚


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