Unfortunate encounter

I was enrolled. My age had enrolled me into adolescence and I was too happy to analyse this arena called my mind. Many had fought the battles of adolescence, some failed and others thrived. It was now my turn to experience this phase of mad sanity.

Poor me. I allowed my tyres of ignorance to be inflated by peer pressure, and so I drove with full speed down the path of my early destruction. Maybe I should have made some wise choices but it was too late so I had to tell my young self, ‘hey I told you so’. My bad.

I was influenced too easily. But going on from childhood into adolescence I had sworn to deny myself the satisfaction of a good boy complex. Why? I was an untamed fool as I got included in what mom and dad had so advised me against. I was young and misled.

My adolescent mind was simply a bad tour guide for those tourist feelings of mine that had travelled from curiosity to marvel at teenage misconduct. I could feel my ambitions wanting away from me. And then, I lost the vision of my future.

Maybe there should have been a poster on the door of adolescence that read, “know which friends to choose, and know which friends to lose“. Surely that would have helped… or not.

Mom and dad did talk to me. But my bad friends were way more influential you see. So my dreams were made a road not taken, as I effortlessly paved a new path for my very destruction. Damn!

Though at times I looked in the mirror and saw my younger self holding up my dreams and aspirations looking back at me in tears. And as time paced those tears fogged the mirror and I could no longer see what I had wanted to achieve.

I had become a lost cause as I denied help. Help came to me from all directions but I remained unlucky even when I did accept. I wish it wasn’t so. I wish? A call for a sigh.

My bad friends were my unfortunate encounter. Those were the people I met at my adolescent counter.

My adolescence was rotten.

My future was forgotten.

I was a complete mess,

And all this could have changed but unless…

My mind was the arena, but I couldn’t host and win the battle. So I guess ‘had I known’ is indeed always at last.

This is just to depict how the wrong relationships we commit ourselves to at an adolescent age can go on to have a devastating impact on our later life if we do not find ways to avoid them or break them off once we make the mistake of entering them๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

Things can go very wrong at this stage in life. But had I known should not become our strive. โœŠโœŠ

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