Fill in the blank

Why do you always want things easy and simple,

That you hear hard work and your whole body is on instant cripple.

Have you not heard of no pain no gain?

Why not join the queue and simply stay in lane.

Allergic to work but you want food to eat,

Open your eyes and see the eat in sweat.

You keep saying work isn’t for me, I am not in the mood,

So do not be surprised when hunger becomes your only food.

A hater of strive yet you want to be at the top seat.

How can you drum laziness and hear a success beat?

Hardwork is the currency for success

And lazy you has not even a dime.

Consoling yourself with I will have my time

Sigh! Fatal ambition.

Why not choose to instead grind

And make hard work your compass to success find?

With that your life’s game plan will change,

For then e will substitute a in sweat

And then your life will tactically be sweet.

But lazy you cannot, can you?

When the morning alarm beeps at five thirty

You change it to six and wake up at six thirty.

It was one time but now your daily routine,

And you wonder why it takes long to serve success at your life’s canteen.

Why chose to neglect immunity to pain

And inject your attitude with the virus of laziness?

Is laziness the new hardwork… well damn.

Though hard work requires consistency,

Do try and make it a personal policy,

And with it you’ll rule success’ constituency.

Decide for yourself, fill in the blank.

Hard work __________________ sucess.



Can I tell the fairies about my wishes,

Or do I pray to the gods for my needs?

My pleas can flood an ear if I am to say,

But the answers to them have been put on drought.

Holding on to faith when my hands are greased with doubt

I go on my knees and pray, God be my roundabout.

Papers would go extinct, my needs if I am to write,

My trust is growing lean

So please Lord feed me with answers, give me a balanced diet.

My hopes are standing on a roof ready to let go,

Can they survive the fall of this endless height?

I need to wake up faith by every means

Before it passes into a coma called hopelessness.

So on my knees I pray, God on whom my faith leans,

Do shelter my belief from homelessness.

Though I scream my prayers loud and far

The door of my faith not closed is quite ajar,

Doubt keeps creeping in knowingly

Begging me to make him my guest.

From the earth below I stare deep in the blue sky

And I wonder to myself, God do you hear my cry?

Like the morning sun I rise every morning

And on my knees I pray, God I come once again,

Hear my humble requests and give my faith a gain.

Sometimes I lay back and admire my hopeful self

When after twenty four hours the clock strikes twelve

And still on my knees I arrange my prayers on faith’s shelf.

But with a thunderous whisper I choose to end

With what keeps my faith from it complete bend.

Amen! Let it be.

Amen… so be it.


This very moment is now. Soon, your now will become your then and if you’re to spell back now; literally and figuratively, what would you have won by then?

Sometimes we seem to think time is a stopwatch, chosen by our pleasure for a pause or reset. But in fact time waits for no man.

Regardless of this inhospitality by time we however seem to always wait for time, waiting for our time to come. From where I stand though time just keeps going so when will that time come.

We’ve chosen to be hopeful with the obvious overlook that time is too stingy. Every second remains irrevocable and time will not be kind enough to afford you and I the luxury of a replay. A replay of time lost.

Time has no moral integrity to be right or wrong whatsoever, but it is the state of a man that shadows that effect on the neutrality of time– my ‘ignorant’ thought though.

As the days walk and the months run, the years fly along and our past is moulded into our history. So when they say ‘time will tell’, what is it going to narrate? In one context it chooses to bolden out the story in your history and tell tales of your events.

But will the story be blank pages of tick tocks– just time passed, or will it be chronicles of things accomplished?

There ain’t no time travel to make a bad past good, nor to go back and make a good one better. But there is today. The rhythm of the clocks tick tock is the sound of the present dying; resurrect it with your actions.

Bil Keane rightly said, “Today is a gift and that is why it is called present”. Indeed a gift, for time is a priceless entity. One thing we can hope to afford though, is the cost of our every move, our actions, making it all count.

So however we choose to dance our lives out, tick tock is the song that’ll keep playing.


Is it by chance where we end up to be, or is everything in it course predetermined?Perhaps the universe laughs looking down upon us, making us players of its secret dice roll.

We keep planning the future reciting it outcomes, as though we’re gods of this rotating ball of sphere.

For some, probability has become a supreme entity, knowing the odds of endeavours encountered. Some pray to God with every ounce of faith, believing He holds the key unlocking our fate.

But society has laid before us, many roads leading to our final destination. And though we may travel it to the finish line, is it the key for the doors we wish to open?

Where does the fate of a man rest? Is it in deep slumber of a dream state?

Perhaps we’re simply characters in that dream; living every nightmare and any good if there be.

But in the end we all find somewhere to be, landing in places our present too blurred, could barely see.

Maybe destiny is just a psychological myth crafted. A myth that satisfied the accords of fairy tales, and crept it way into our rational thoughts.

Each one of us, we all do have a dream. Though it leans synonymous to the word seem, as it be not a yes or a no.

But if you and I knew what the future holds, we’d make this world an irony of beliefs.

Proverbs would be jokes of philosophy, and the end would no longer justify the means.

There would be no dreams and nothing to be proud of. Only what the future bestows; enjoying our predicted remains.

Chance, fate, probability, destiny– Are these remnants of our choices, or are they the answers to life’s unsolved statistics?

Though for all there be God’s plan. But we’re men, and know not in his mind what lies for each one.

Maybe, maybe not. Of course, of course not. These are our answers for the unknown. In the cascade from present to future: are we chauffeurs of our own vehicles of life or simply passengers in the back seat of the unknown?

If we knew what the future had in store, if each one of us knew our fate, would any of this be worth the fight for? Would there be a point to our faith?

Them that rule

Leaders of the motherland,

The economy robbers, thier alias brand.

Men and women of authority ruling the mass

With lies too heavy, drowning the light weight hope of these citizens.

The many contracts and the promises uttered,

Yet roads are built in cedi notes, folded in wallets leathered.

The people cry and wail in absolute misery;

To the leaders, just melodious lullabies putting them to sleep.

What drives this woeful economy?

Hustle and bustle sparks the peop8le’s acrimony.

Development has become a manifesto mockery,

Power, no longer a charge to keep; a cause for our weep.

Wealth has become a variable of democracy;

The answer to our country’s failing bureaucracy.

Can we choose to trust any of these leaders,

Without endangering our country’s hope into extinction.

Is the truth too expensive to buy?

These leaders too stingy, settling to bargain a lie.

Our inked thumbs should be as the queen

Knighting those of whom are deemed to behold worthy.

Raised with a silver spoon, yet they seek a chance to reign.

No surprise they ignore us, their lives were holograms of pain.

If corruption was a trophy race to be won,

These Usain Bolt leaders would do us proud.

It’s high time we catapult our country’s integrity

And conquer these vices like Davids slaying Goliaths.

But one thing remains for the people:

Them that rule the land,

Our choice, the power to whom we hand.

Happy independence day? Ghana @ 62

Today Ghana celebrates its independence


Hurray as a formality and not of pride.

For of pride, what would I be proud of?

That we’ve been emancipated

Only to be chained by our allegiance to corruption

Or by the sarcastic flourish of our economy?

Mistake not my judgement as unappreciative.

For I’m glad our forefathers fought to liberate us,

Tirelessly from the oppression of the white man.

But aren’t we still under oppression?

Oppression driven by our inward immorality

That we suffer it consequences unabated.

Corruption, bribery, the frontline of our misdeeds,

Dragging our economy into a daily hustle.

The epitome of vision by the fathers of our independence

Has lost it hail in the modern agenda of our country.

So are we moving forward or backward?

Going up or sliding down?

And tell me… how do I appreciate this day not just as formality?

I’m a proud descendent of Nkrumah

But am I a proud Ghanaian?

Indeed we have come far as a nation

But have we just travelled a journey,

Or did we conquer some territory?

Be it the latter or former we’ve achieved nothing.

For the territories we’ve conquered are sarcastic metaphors of independence.

We’ve conquered corruption with our greed,

Silenced progression with propaganda

And threatened our economy with those called leaders.

For the citizens who still laud the actions of these leaders

Your enthusiasm has been compromised

But by the opaque hopes of yours.

Haven’t we seen and heard enough

To know that our independence did not compliment freedom.

For how can we be caged in freedom?

We are now the cause of our pain

So which hurts more…

That the physical pain endured by our forefathers remain not appeased

Or that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for our current misery.

I guess it’s happy independence day… is it?

Chastity: R.I.P

Quite recently I was both homoured and intrigued into deep thought about a post all too bizarre on social media that read, “Dracula used to feed on virgins until in 2018 when he died of hunger”.

Thought-provoking, but how true is this analogy of the present reality of our society. A statement that when spiralled into deep thought goes to undermine the very core moral principles and foundation of our generation.

The redundancy of that statement in variable forms has outlived it purpose of cautious awareness and groomed itself to become a societal norm.

It is quite uncouth and very alarming that the young men and women of our modern society have grown to adorn sex in the manner of a societal trend.

It began with being an experiment and escalated to being a practice, with now being a regular affair with no bounds. Now chastity is no longer enlisted as an appreciative dignification of future spouses. I consider this a tragedy but I’m conflicted for perhaps this generation might deem it a youthful compromise.

Biblically, sex is suppose to be an encounter of marital status. Societal morality agrees no less as to stigmatizing pre marital sex as an unscrupulous act. However, modern society has left no confines to the rule book of sex, making it a buffet of age illimitable.

Chastity is no longer a moral principle but a societal ridicule. The days of old upholds it epitome of chastity in vain as the current generation have burried chastity deep in the soil of immorality.

Lust has become the unbridled dose of concoction that intoxicates our youth with the filthy mindset of sexual desires. It’s as if this generation is on a sex spree where chastity has only just become a topic dejected in black ink in the wrinkled pages of forsaken textbooks.

Chastity was, still may be optimistically, a valued moral integral of every individual. It saddens my heart that modern society resents chastity as a punishment of sexual freedom. Preaching chastity in recent times makes one an outcast of society’s sexual tradition.

However there are those who misconstrue sexual protection for chastity. But no, there’s a borderline for sexual safety and sexual purity, and abstinence remains to be that boundary.

The wordage of protection for chastity is simply a wretched costume for ignorance, to be a license towards sexual misconduct. Has protection now become a reflection of abstinence? Just a youthful hoax to explore the dungeon of sex and uncover it mysteries. I’m guessing Oxford has to revise it dictionary.

I stand unwavering with the opinion that the morally reprehensible act of pre marital sex has reinforced the degeneration of our generation. So now that our young ones have bathe themselves in the showers of sex trespass, chastity is now lost in the abyss of teenage modernity.

Sad, but a sincere farewell for madam chastity( from times past — 2018). You may or may not be missed but until we meet again in another age or generation of a different society, R.I.P .